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Inactivated Vaccines of EHF(Type II)
[Use]: For prevention of type-II EHF.
Mainly patients living in or having entered the epidemic-stricken area of EHF between the age of 16-60.
[Administration]: IM in the deltoid of the upper arm; inject 1 ml in first day, eighth day and twenty-ninth day of the administration.
inject another 1 ml dose 12 months later.

Patients with fever,acute diseases, severe chronic diseases, and diseases of the nerve system, an allergic diseases, patients allergic to antibiotic and biological products, pregnant and breast-feeding should not allowed to use this drug; women in pregnancy and gestation should not be allowed to inject this drug.

[Side Reactions

Generally no reactions occur after the injection of this drug; occasionally fever, dizziness, and tetter occur, relevant patients should be observed, and treated if necessary; sometimes local small hard knots will occur, and they will disappear within 1-3 days.

[Matters Needing to Pay Attention to]:

1.Fully shake up before injection.
2.If color changes,foreign matters and cracks occur in or on the ampoules occur, the drug should not be allowed to us.
3.1:1000 adrenalin should be ready for use for accidental shock

[Storage and Transportation]: Stored and transported at 2-8 in dark surroundings



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