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Inactivated Vaccines of EHF(TypeI)
[Subjects]: MainLY patients in the epidemic-stricken area of EHF between the age of 16-60.
[Administration]: 1. IM in the deltoid of the upper arm.
2. Inject 1 ml in first day, eighth day and twenty-ninth day of the administration.
3. Inject another 1 ml dose 6-12 months after the first injection for patients in the most dangerous epidemic-stricken area.
[Warning]: Patients with severe epidemic diseases, fever, chronic cardiovascular diseases, and severe allergic symptoms should not allowed to use this drug; pregnant women should use it carefully.
[Reaction]: Generally no reactions or slight reactions occur after the injection of this drug; for patients with slow absorption, sometimes local small hard knots will occur.
[Matters Needing to Pay Attention to]: 1. Fully shake up before injection for the vaccine contains adjuvant.
2. If color changes (changed to yellow or purple), and foreign matters and cracks occur on the ampoules occur, the drug should not be allowed to use.
[Storage and Transportation]: Stored and transported at 2-8


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