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Our company is adhering to the principles of "Continuous learning, Serving mankind". In order to satisfy the worldwide steadily growing demands on vaccines for the prevention of diseases, we want to extend our cooperation network to national as well as international research institutions and vaccine manufacturers.
We sincerely welcome interested parties for visits and exchange of experiences. We are open for technology transfer and licensing of key technologies and vaccine processes.

Our team spirit is the key to cope with all challenges of new technologies, processes and quality issues. Sharing of knowledge, experiences and ideas are cornerstones to our pursuit to become an innovation-driven company.
We respect and pay high attention on the contributions and values of foreign experts. Together we will make progress in our internationalization strategy.
The individuality, diversity and creativity that every employee brings to our company, is the road to success on the national and international business level.

Our unique company culture is based on the principle of "Encourage Talents - Encourage Innovation".
We are offering a performance-based culture, with a corresponding competitive reward system.

Our commitment to promote a culture of equal opportunity is reflected in our core values:

  • Integrity and high ethical standards
  • Respect for the individual and for diversity
  • Openness, honesty, trust and support 
  • Leadership by example


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