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Tianyuan's H1N1 Influenza A Vaccine Got Success Registration in Chile
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In November 4 2009, Chile's Ministry of Health (ISP) formally presented the Certificate of Registration to Tianyuan's H1N1 Influenza A vaccine. This is another great breakthrough since Tianyuan the registration certificate for its seasonal influenza vaccine in Chile in 2008. Tianyuan is also the first H1N1 vaccine manufacturer to obtain a foreign certificate of registration in China. The success registration helps to open the access to South American market for Tianyuan.

Since Chile is located in the southern hemisphere, its season is just opposite to that of China, and the influenza season in Chile is from April to June with the WHO recommended strains of the southern hemisphere, so Tianyuan can manufacture influenza vaccine all the year round. The production of first half of the year for the domestic market and the second half for the South American market, which will utilize the equipment, personnel and other resources most efficiently. 

Tianyuan will also take this opportunity to enhance its registration progress in various countries of South America and to promote export.


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