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Tianyuan's Flu Vaccine Yuganning Registered in Honduras
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Tianyuan's Influenza Vaccine Yuganning was registered successfully by the Secretaria de Estado en el Despacho de Salud in Honduras.

According to PAHO, Honduras introduced seasonal influenza vaccination in 2003. PAHO promotes the introduction of influenza vaccination for high risk groups in the Americas. Tianyuan is now waiting for first orders of the vaccine.


About Influenza

Influenza is an infection of the respiratory tract caused by influenza virus. It involves a combination of respiratory (cough, sore throat) and constitutional (fever, headache, muscle aches) symptoms. In Children, older adults and people with a range of pre-existing medical conditions influenza infections can lead to serious and even life threatening complications.

As the circulating viruses change by mutation infections can occur repeatedly throughout life and protection by vaccination requires annual dosing with updated vaccines. Seasonal vaccination prevents influenza and reduces the impact of epidemics.

Tianyuan's influenza vaccine YUGANNING is an inactivated split vaccine, produced on embryonated chicken eggs. The vaccine is manufactured according to the seasonal WHO recommendation for Northern and Southern Hemisphere. The vaccine's quality level is comparable to internationally available vaccines.

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