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Tianyuan attended World Vaccine Congress Asia 2007, in Singapore
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4-7th June 2007, Tianyuan's COO and QA Manager went to Singapore to attend the World Vaccine Congress Asia 2007. Over 20 countries attended the congress, hosting speakers of more than 40 different nationalities.
Main topics covered included: Trends in pandemic flu, flu preventive status, vaccine market in Asia and challenge, cooperative partner strategy, new vaccine adjuvants, application of combined vaccines, demonstration of vaccine manufacturing technology and immunization strategy in Asia, and WHO prequalification.
The COO of Tianyuan, Mr. Richard van Duyse also gave a brilliant talk about Creating a world class quality vaccine manufacturing plant
in China.
The conference was a success, and strengthened Tianyuan's wish to go for WHO pre-qualification, and further the internationalization process. Furthermore it increased the sense of duty to increase the prepardness measures for pandemic flu.

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