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Committed to the research and development of human applied vaccines, Zhejiang Tianyuan Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has achieved significant economic profits and social benefits, and been developing and expanding very fast on the basis of our own powerful technical force with excellent research achievements and advantages in manufacture, sale and management. Moreover, we have significant advantages in products, technology, talents etc., so have generated a considerable profits in transforming resources into products. Our enterprise has strong competitive power, enormous market potential, and is qualified to conduct the operation of large scale with broad developing prospect. We hold that with the continuous improving living conditions in the 21st century, the bio-technical field will develop very fast and the health care will be constantly paid much more attention to. Therefore, the industry of vaccine products will develop into a new prosperous phase. Our company is facing unprecedented developing opportunities, which we urgently hope to grasp for continuously developing new products, further optimizing product structure and promoting our economic growth. We have introduced high-quality talents and advanced management system, formulated a three-year development plan for developing our company into a new industrialized base with the annual sale volume increase of RMB 50000000 yuan and annual newly developed products sufficient for the subsequent three manufacture.


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